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U.S. History Documents CD-ROM

Below is a list of documents that are on the U.S. History Documents CD-ROM that came with your text The American Journey, Fourth Edition. You can click on a link below to answer questions about each document. Results of this assessment can be e-mailed to your instructor.

The Civil War

15-1Jefferson Davis, Address to the Provisional Congress of the Confederate States of America (1861)
15-2 The "Cornerstone Speech" (1861)
15-3 Mary Boykin Chesnut, A Confederate Lady's Diary (1861)
15-4 Why They Fought (1861)
15-5 A Confederate General Assesses First Bull Run (1861)
15-6 Charles Harvey Brewster, Three Letters from the Civil War Front (1862)
15-7 Clara Barton, Medical Life at the Battlefield (1862)
15-8 James Henry Gooding, Letter to President Lincoln (1863)
15-9 Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address (1863)
15-10 John Dooley, Passages from a Journal (1863)
15-11 A Firsthand Account of the New York Draft Riots (1863)
15-12 Susie King Taylor, Reminiscences of an Army Laundress (1902)
15-13 General William Tecumseh Sherman on War (1864)

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