Chapter 21: Energy and Mineral Resources

Concept #3 Quiz

Choose the best possible answer to the following questions about Key Concept 3 "Energy resources: Environmental effects of burning fossil fuels."


1. Which of the following environmental effect is NOT linked directly to the use of basic fossil fuels?  


Match the type of environmental effect of the use of fossil fuels with the best description:  

Using the pulldown boxes, match each item on the left to the corresponding item at right.

A. caused primarily from the increased concentration of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by human sources
B. emitted directly from identifiable sources, such as carbon monoxide from transportation sources
C. product of release of sulfur, among other things, into the atmosphere
D. caused when chemical reactions take place between existing pollutants, such as the formation of “smog”

3. Why would a change in the air’s CO2 content alter temperatures in the lower atmosphere? [Hint]

4. smog_at_sunset_natarchives_lshad.jpg

The photograph depicts "smog" over Los Angeles, California. This is a product of which of the following?  

5. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the association of CO2 and “global warming”? [Hint]

6. Examine the graph in the figure below. Which of the following statements is NOT consistent with data shown on that graph?


7. Which of the following is NOT an important change caused by human-induced “global warming”?  

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