Chapter 21: Energy and Mineral Resources

Concept #1 Quiz

Choose the best possible answer to the following questions about Key Concept 1 "Renewable and nonrenewable resources."


1. Why are resources such as coal and oil classified as “nonrenewable”? [Hint]

2. A few resources can be classified as either “renewable” or “nonrenewable.” Groundwater is one of those. Which category groundwater gets placed in depends upon which of the following?  


Match the type of resource with the best description, including the classification as “renewable” or “nonrenewable”: [Hint]

Using the pulldown boxes, match each item on the left to the corresponding item at right.

A. renewable – we can “grow” more as long as we do not consume it faster than replenishment rates
B. renewable – presumably the processes that form these will continue into the future
C. nonrenewable – these are within minerals in rocks that form slowly as part of the rock cycle
D. nonrenewable – the processes that form these are much slower than our consumption rate

4. What is the difference between a “resource” and a “reserve” with respect to mining? [Hint]

5. Which of the following is NOT a renewable resource (i.e., a non-renewable resource)? [Hint]

6. fluorite_crystals_tasa_shad.jpg windmills_corel_shad.jpg

The two photographs above depict two different forms of resources. Which is "renewable" and which is "nonrenewable"?  

7. Comparatively speaking, the population of the United States uses energy fuels and minerals in which of the following ways? [Hint]

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