Chapter 19: Deserts and Winds

Concept #3 Quiz

Choose the best possible answer to the following questions about Key Concept 3 "Transportation of sediment by wind."


1. Transportation by wind is similar to that of streams, but what is the main difference? Choose the two that apply. [Hint]

2. How are sand grains transported by wind? [Hint]

3. Which of the following is NOT involved in the saltation of grains during wind transporation? [Hint]

4. In which direction are sand grains saltating as bed load, and how do you know?

5. What makes “bed load” and what makes “suspended load” in wind-transported sediment?  

6. Clay is fairly simple to keep in suspension due to its low mass and "flaky" shape. So why is clay NOT an abundant mineral type in desert wind?  

7. If the wind velocity is close to zero at ground level, how does sediment get suspended in the first place?  

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