Chapter 19: Deserts and Winds

Concept #2 Quiz

Choose the best possible answer to the following questions about Key Concept 2 "Weathering and water in arid regions."


1. If the same processes are operating in deserts as they are in humid areas, why are deserts so different than regions of plush vegetation? Choose all that apply.  

2. Why is runoff and erosion so unhindered and rapid, the water flowing in ephemeral streams in deserts? [Hint]


Identify the features indicated on this diagram of a Basin and Range region by selecting the correct responses.  

For each item below, use the pull-down menu to select the letter that labels the correct part of the image.

The letters A through C appear on an image associated with this question.

4. What is the fundamental difference between streams in humid regions and streams in deserts?  

5. What is the most important agent of erosion in deserts?  


Match the following terms of desert formations with the appropriate description:  

Using the pulldown boxes, match each item on the left to the corresponding item at right.

A. dry, flat bed that remains after a temporary water reservoir has dried up
B. a cone of debris at the mouth of a canyon having the steepest part right at the canyon mouth and shallowing with distance
C. temporary feature that lasts only a few days or so before evaporation and infiltration empties it
D. an apron of sediment composed of many coalesced smaller cones of debris at the base of mountains that feature canyons
E. large bedrock knob projecting above the surrounding sediment-filled basin

Some questions in this exercise may have more than one correct answer. And answer choices in this exercise are randomized and will appear in a different order each time the page is loaded.

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