Chapter 2: Plate Tectonics: A Scientific Revolution Unfolds

Concept #8 Quiz

Choose the best possible answer to the following questions about Key Concept 8 "Driving mechanisms for plate tectonics: Mantle convection models."


1. What is the current best idea used to explain the mechanism for tectonic plate motion?  

2. Which of the following characterizes convective motions in the mantle? [Hint]

3. Basaltic lava erupted by volcanoes in ocean ridges, at divergent boundaries, is different in composition than lava erupted by volcanoes in Hawaii. What is the likely reason for this? [Hint]

4. Which one of the following is NOT a hypothesis that has been proposed for the mechanism of plate motion?  


Identify each of the plate tectonics driving mechanism models by selecting the correct response.  

For each item below, use the pull-down menu to select the letter that labels the correct part of the image.

The letters A through C appear on an image associated with this question.

Answer choices in this exercise are randomized and will appear in a different order each time the page is loaded.

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