Chapter 1: An Introduction to Geology

Concept #2 Quiz

Choose the best possible answer to the following questions about Key Concept 2 "History of geology: Catastrophism v. uniformitarianism, and understanding geological time."

sedimentary_strata_grand_canyon_corel_shad.jpg waves_along_beach_corel_shad.jpg

1. Geological time should be considered when examining Earth's natural processes for all of the following reasons except _____.  

2. Catastrophism is the idea that _______.  

3. Hutton’s idea of Earth’s uniformitarianism is that _______.  

4. All of the following observations and conclusions are consistent with the concept of “uniformitarianism” except ______.  

5. Which of the following best explains the principle of superposition?  

6. Which of the following best explains why “geological time” is difficult for people to understand?  

7. What is the primary principle used by geologists to separate periods of geological time, and ultimately construct the geological time scale. Why?  

8. Refering to the Geological Time Scale below, why do the "periods" represent different spans of time?
time_scale3gif_tasa.gif [Hint]

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