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After studying the material of this chapter, you should be able to:
1. State from memory the meaning of the key terms and phrases used in kinematics.
2. List the SI unit and its abbreviation associated with displacement, velocity, acceleration, and time.
3. Describe the motion of an object relative to a particular frame of reference.
4. Differentiate between a vector quantity and a scalar quantity and state which quantities used in kinematics are vector quantities and which are scalar quantities.
5. State from memory the meaning of the symbols used in kinematics: x, xo, v, vo, a, y, yo, vy, vyo, g, t.
6. Write from memory the equations used to describe uniformly accelerated motion.
7. Complete a data table using information both given and implied in word problems.
8. Use the completed data table to solve word problems.
9. Use the methods of graphical analysis to determine the instantaneous acceleration at a point in time and the distance traveled in an interval of time.

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