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Index of Bruice Model Files : Chapter 1

UreaDefinition of "organic".
Sodium chloride, SaltIonic bonding.
Hydrogen H2Covalent bonding.
Hydrogen fluoride HFPolar covalent bonding.
Lithium hydride LiHPolar covalent bonding.
MethaneCovalent bonding.
Methanol, Methyl alcoholSingle covalent bonds: oxygen.
Methanal, FormaldehydeMultiple covalent bonds: oxygen.
HexaneCondensed formulas.
3,3-Dimethyl-1-pentanolKekulé structures.
EthaneBonding, hybridization, and geometry. I. Single bonds.
Ethene, EthyleneBonding, hybridization, and geometry. II. Double bonds.
Ethyne, AcetyleneBonding, hybridization, and geometry. III. Triple bonds.
Methyl cationTrivalent carbon. I. A carbocation.
Methyl radicalTrivalent carbon. II. A radical.
Methyl anionTrivalent carbon. III. A carbanion.
WaterCovalent bonding.
AmmoniaCovalent bonding.

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