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Annotated Web Links

General and Personality Assessments

These sites should be used in conjunction with a battery of inventories or to supplement valid and reliable inventories that a counselor regularly uses. All outcomes should be used to confirm previous research and treated as suggestive and exploratory only.

Birkman Career Profile
Go to College and Career, scroll down to Majors and Careers and click on "Career Quiz." Answer 24 quick questions to find out what kinds of careers fit your personality. This site is found within the Princeton Review site where your assessment can link with careers and colleges.

The Career Key
This is a free public service to help people make sound career decisions. This site connects assessment outcomes to the Holland Interest Environments. The caution is that only six choices are in each Holland category, so the outcome is related to very few responses. Also, the career list refers to a wide array of traditional jobs but does not include newer multimedia/high-tech jobs. This site should be used to supplement other career inventories.; also try out

Career Path Assessment
This is a guide to help you make a decision about your career path so you can develop an educational plan. It's a good place to start looking for information to help make career choices that feel right, to learn about job prospects for various occupations and the education and training necessary, and to explore skills needed to get the job.

"Quick Assessments" are divided into Holland's six broad interest areas. These can be combined in many different ways. Knowing your unique combination of interests can assist you in determining jobs that suit you best. This Website sorts your interest areas into jobs. Then all jobs are described by tasks, skills, aptitudes, education required, salary range: (West Coast) or (East Coast)

Coast Careers
This is a comprehensive career planning site created for community college level students. Assessments are found in the "Discover" section. You may also want to go to the "Explore" section.

Federal Government podcasts
See list on left column:

You will obtain your "type" formula, strength of the preferences, and type description as a result of this "Jung Typology Test." It may help you to identify your general lifestyle and your style in certain fields of activity.

Life Colors Questionnaire
Click on "life colors lite" and explore.

TypeFocus Personality Profile
Take the "free assessment" and get a printable two-page report relating to personality strengths to careers. A 66-item questionnaire clarifies type preferences similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

The formal title is Occupational Information Network. There is an interest and skills search that allows you to find out which occupations contain your interests or desired skills. All occupations listed are described using skills, knowledge, interests, and activities. Next you can look at a "snapshot" of a job which includes experience requirements, worker requirements (e.g., skills), worker characteristics, occupational experience and occupation specific tasks, plus occupational outlook and wage ranges.

Riley's Guide to Assessments
Good variety of self assessments are listed:

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