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Excel QM and QM for Windows

(January 2017) If you use QM for Windows® or Excel QM, please ensure you download our latest software update below, version 5.2. As a reminder, QM for Windows® and Excel QM are downloadable problem solving software that have been developed exclusively for the end of chapter problems.

Download these powerful tools for easily solving QM problems. View support page and latest updates to QM for Windows® and Excel QM.

(NEW January 2017) Excel QM, Version 5.2:

There are YouTube tutorials on using Excel QM that can be found by clicking on the Tutorial ribbon icon in Excel QM or by searching for 'excel qm weiss' within YouTube.

NOTE: If your virus protection program will not allow you to download or to install the software please see the following document.

Download Excel QM for PCs, Version 5.2

Download Excel QM for Macs, Version 5.2

The download file for Macs is a ZIP file with the Excel OM/QM for Macs program. Unzip the file. To start Excel OM/QM, open the file named excelOMQMv5.xlam.

(NEW January 2017) QM for Windows®, Version 5.2:

Download this software.

Tutorials and the manual for QM for Windows can be found under the Help menu in the software.

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