Distributing Products
Multiple Choice

1 .       The combination of distribution channels by which a firm gets its products to end users is known as the: 


2 .       Companies such as Gateway computers and Southwest airlines sell their products directly to consumers, without the use of intermediaries. This is an example of a: 


3 .       When a company distributes their product through as many channels as possible, they are using: 


4 .       John Deere might object to one of its dealers distributing Japanese tractors, in addition to those manufactured by John Deere. This is an example of: 


5 .       A limited-function merchant wholesaler that markets consumer goods directly to retail stores, marking prices and setting up displays is a: 


6 .       Expedia has given Dollar Rent A Car a special banner on its web page. When Expedia customers click on the banner for a car rental, they are transferred from the Expedia site to the Dollar site. Dollar pays Expedia a fee for each booking that comes through this channel. This is an example of: 


7 .       Department stores, supermarkets, and specialty stores are forms of: 


8 .       Search engines such as Yahoo!, with a collection of virtual storefronts representing diverse products, serve as: 


9 .       Hunt Products has excess inventory that it wishes to store for four months. Having no warehouse facilities of their own, Hunt Products will likely use a: 


10 .       A GE warehouse in Kentucky receives apartment-size refrigerators from Europe in containers of 56 refrigerators each. This is an example of: 


11 .       The least expensive mode of transportation is: 


12 .       A centralized distribution outlet that controls all or most of a firm's distribution activities is: 


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