Distributing Products
True or False

1 .       Most retailers prefer to purchase directly from the manufacturer rather than ordering through a wholesaler.  


2 .       Wholesalers are typically compensated through commissions based on the prices of the goods they sell. 


3 .       Intermediaries can provide added value by saving consumers time and money.  


4 .       High-cost prestige items, such as Rolex watches, are typically sold through exclusive distribution. 


5 .       A channel captain is a member of a distribution channel who can determine the roles and rewards of others. 


6 .       A merchant wholesaler is an intermediary who sells products directly to consumers. 


7 .       Shopping agents are e-intermediaries that help consumers by gathering and sorting information.  


8 .       A specialty store is a bargain retailer that generates large sales volume by offering goods at substantial price reductions. 


9 .       Distribution center warehouses provide storage for extended periods of time. 


10 .       More than a million Americans take classes for credit or for personal development through distance learning. 


11 .       The fastest and most expensive mode of transportation is planes. 


12 .       Companies wishing to use intermodal transportation have been required to discontinue the use of containerization. 


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