Conducting Business Ethically and...
Multiple Choice

1 .       Ethics are based on: 


2 .       What is the first step in the three-step model for applying ethical judgments? 


3 .       Which ethical norm asks the question, "Is it consistent with people's responsibilities to each other?" 


4 .       Which ethical norm answers the question, "Is it consistent with what's fair?" 


5 .       The chief responsibility of educating employees should be addressed by: 


6 .       Which group is not considered to be an organizational stakeholder? 


7 .       Criticism has been directed at President George W. Bush for his environmental policies where he has steadfastly rejected the proposals of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol dealing with: 


8 .       What city is considered to have the worst air pollution in the world? 


9 .       Which of the following is not one of the original four basic consumer rights identified by President John F. Kennedy in the early 1960s? 


10 .       Which company has come under fire for being overly explicit in its advertising? 


11 .       An employee who discovers and tries to put an end to a company's unethical, illegal, or socially irresponsible actions by publicizing them is called: 


12 .       When an organization does as little as possible to solve social or environmental problems, it has taken the ______ stance to social responsibility. 


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