Conducting Business Ethically and...
True or False

1 .       Business ethics refers to ethical or unethical behaviors by a manager or employer of an organization. 


2 .       In countries where bribes are a normal part of doing business, a U.S. firm is allowed to participate in this activity in order to get business in those countries. 


3 .       What distinguishes ethical from ethical behavior is often subjective and subject to differences of opinion. 


4 .       To encourage ethical behavior in the workplace, the single most effective step that a company can take is to get its employees to sign an ethical agreement. 


5 .       In order to adopt a firm's strategies and practices, its core principles and values need to change periodically. 


6 .       Social responsibility refers to the overall way in which a business itself tries to balance its commitments to organizational stakeholders in its social environment. 


7 .       During the 1930s, for the most part, people seemed to view business as a positive force in society and one that was generally able to police itself through self-control and free market forces. 


8 .       The Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio now has fish and is used for recreation, but was once so polluted that it literally burst into flames on one hot Summer day. 


9 .       There is only one key issue in land pollution: how to restore the quality of land that has already been damaged. 


10 .       Consumerism is social activism dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers in their dealings with businesses. 


11 .       Social responsibility toward employees goes only as far as equal opportunity. 


12 .       Writing a check against money that has not yet arrived at the bank on which it is drawn is called check kiting. 


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