Understanding the Global Context of...
Multiple Choice

1 .       What forces have combined to spark and sustain globalization? 


2 .       A result in NAFTA's first-year of operation was: 


3 .       Which is not a goal that the World Trade Organization (WTO) is empowered to pursue? 


4 .       From which country does the United States import the most goods and services? 


5 .       What form of competitive advantage exists when a country can produce something cheaper and/or of higher quality than any other country? 


6 .       When a country's exports exceed its imports, the country enjoys a: 


7 .       The balance of payments is affected by: 


8 .       Recently, the decline of the Canadian dollar relative to the U.S. dollar should result in: 


9 .       After deciding to go international, a firm must determine the level of its involvement. A(n) _________ is basically a domestic company that conducts a significant portion of its business in foreign countries. 


10 .       In what organizational structure does a company find a partner in the country in which it wants to do business? 


11 .       In what organizational structure does a company buy or establish tangible assets in another country? 


12 .       Which of the following restricts the number of products of a certain type that can be imported and, by reducing supply, raises the prices of these imports? 


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