Understanding the Environments of...
Multiple Choice

1 .       Which example is considered to be outside the organizational boundary of a large grocery store? 


2 .       Dimensions and elements of the external environment that affect most businesses include: 


3 .       The pattern of short-term expansions and contractions in an economy is called: 


4 .       GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita means: 


5 .       Standard of living improves: 


6 .       The national debt is the amount of money: 


7 .       What is not predicted to be a major force driving the economy during the next decade? 


8 .       Looking at unemployment and economic stability, when prices get high enough, consumer demand for goods and services: 


9 .       Cycle time is: 


10 .       Which of the following is not a characteristic of the sociocultural environment? 


11 .       For firms to be successful today, there must be unprecedented coordination not only among internal activities, but among customers, suppliers, and strategic partners that are often globally dispersed. The key to coordinating all of these elements is: 


12 .       Which is the least likely example of outsourcing? 


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