Cyclohexene C6H10

Section 13.10. IR spectra: alkene group.

An alkene has a C,C double bond and H atoms bonded to sp2 carbon atoms, in addition to the C–C single and C–H single bonds in an alkane. The C,C double bond stretch occurs at 1600-1650 cm-1 and is sharp but of only medium intensity for an unsymmetrical alkene (small change in dipole moment when stretching occurs). The more symmetrically substituted is the alkene, the weaker is the absorption due to the C=C stretch—2,3-dimethyl-2-butene shows no C=C absorption. The alkene C-H stretch appears above 3000 cm-1, around 3050 to 3100 cm-1, as a sharp peak of medium intensity.


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