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Vector A has magnitude units and direction, counterclockwise from east, of degrees. What is the value of its x-component to 1 decimal place?

In Problem 1, what is its y component?

A vector has x-component and y-component . What is its magnitude to the nearest tenth of a unit?

What is the direction of the vector in problem 3 to the nearest tenth of a degree (express your answer in the range -180 to 180)?

A boat is traveling with a speed mph over the water and at a direction of degrees counterclockwise from east. The river itself is flowing east at mph relative to its bank. What is the speed of the boat relative to the river bank to the nearest hundredth of a mph?

In the previous problem what is the angle of progress to the nearest tenth of a degree of the boat with respect to the river bank (express your answer in the range -180 to 180)?

golf ball hitA golf ball is chipped at an angle of degrees and with a speed of m/s. How far does it travel to the nearest tenth of a meter?

monkey swingingA monkey swings on a vine and at the bottom of the swing while moving horizontally lets go of the vine aiming for another vine meters away horizontally and whose bottom is meters below the monkey. How fast must the monkey be moving to the nearest tenth of a m/s in order that he just catches the bottom of the vine?

In the previous problem, what would be monkey's needed speed if he is moving at 45o when he releases and the horizontal distance is the same as above but the other vine's end is the stated distance above him?

Two cars lost in a blinding snow storm are traveling across a large field, each thinking they are on the road, as shown in the figure on the left. They collide. If the distance x is meters and the red car is travelling at mph, how fast to the nearest hundredth of a mph was the blue car travelling? (As unlikely as this event seems it actually happened to the problem author's wife.)

In the previous problem, how much time passes before the cars collide to the nearest tenth of a second?

A baseball is thrown horizontally off a cliff with a speed of m/s. What is the horizontal distance, to the nearest tenth of a meter, from the face of the cliff after seconds?

In the previous problem, how far has it fallen in that time?

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