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Kapitel 3: Meine Sachen, deine Sachen

Discovering Austria
What Austrian city was once capital of the Holy Roman Empire? What festivals could you attend if you were in Austria this weekend? Why is Austria associated with music? What functions does the Austrian President fulfill? Visit the official sites of the Austrian government and the Austrian National Tourist Office and learn at least five new things about Austria.

Tour Vienna
Tour the Austrian capital and send an e-postcard from the city to your instructor, telling what you did during your virtual visit.

Rent a car
Stop by this one-stop rental agency and see what kind of car you could rent for a road trip. What kind of car would be the cheapest? Can you find any special deals? Which car would you prefer to rent and why? As a clearinghouse for many rental agencies, you will see some here that you recognize. Are there any agencies you don’t recognize? Are there any car makes or models that are unfamiliar to you?

VW AutoMuseum
How much does entrance into the museum cost? Click on ‘Ein Auszug aus der Sammlung’. Who constructed the first Volkswagen? In what year? What model was first produced in 1950? When did the Passat first roll off the assembly line? Which model, first made in 1974, is still produced today?

Foreigners in Germany
Click on Interaktive Landkarte. Explore the interactive maps from Spiegel magazine and see where foreigners live in Germany and where they come from. What differences exist between the five eastern states and the eleven western states? Can you explain these differences? Also see how the German-speaking countries compare with the rest of Europe with respect to numbers of foreign residents.

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