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Kapitel 2: Meine Familie und Freunde

Discovering Germany
Who is the current German Chancellor? Where did “Deutschland” get its name? What happened to the German state called Prussia? What is Germany’s role in the European Union? Learn at least five new things that you didn’t know before about German culture, life and society or German-American relations at the official site of the German government or at the German Information Center.

Research the various contributions of German-speaking immigrants to American life and culture at The German Way and The German Corner.

German-American Clubs and Events
Find out if there are any German heritage clubs or special German-related events in your area.

Die Familie
Test your knowledge of German family vocabulary and understanding of different types of relationships at these sites for learners of German.

Schwäbische Ostalb
The Schwäbische Ostalb is a popular tourist destination in southern Germany that offers many activities for visitors. How many of the activities do you recognize? You will see that many are cognates. Gather enough information to determine if you would visit the region.

Das Transatlantische Klassenzimmer
Enter the classroom and take advantage of the opportunity to connect with “real” Germans between the ages of 13 and 20. Join the e-mail list or take part in bulletin board discussions on current topics with Germans. Do you see differences in German and American stands on the issues?

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