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Kapitel 1: Grüß dich! Ich...


Studying in Germany
At campus-germany.de you can find all you need to know about studying in Germany, from how to prepare to how to pack your bags.

Subjects of Study
Visit the sites of these three institutions of higher education: the Fachhochschule München, the Fachhochschule Dortmund, and the Technische Universität München. Examine the majors offered there. Do you see any differences between these offerings and those found from the links in the Auf ins Netz! section?

German Words in English
At this site you will learn about the use of German words in everyday English. How many do you know and use? Did you know that they came from German?

Visiting a Department Store
At the department store Kaufhof you can see the prices of different items in various sections of the store (e.g. Technik, Beauty, Grillen und Campen, Sport). Find cognates and list them along with the prices of those items.

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