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Themenwortschatz I
1-2 Was passt? (What fits?)

Choose the word or phrase that correctly fits each context.

1 .       You meet a friend, who greets you with, "Guten Morgen!", you say: [Hint]

2 .       A friend asks, "Wie geht's?" you say: [Hint]

3 .       If someone answers, "Ich komme aus Tübingen." you just asked: [Hint]

4 .       To ask your professor's name, you would say: [Hint]

5 .       You've just been introduced to someone. What would you say? [Hint]

6 .       When you ask "Wie heißt du?", someone might say: [Hint]

7 .       Someone just told you his name and you'd like to know how it's spelled. You ask: [Hint]

Answer choices in this exercise are randomized and will appear in a different order each time the page is loaded.

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