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Technology Resources

Below is a list of technology resource web sites related to statistics.

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SPSS Home Page
Minitab Home Page
Texas Instruments Calculators
SAS Home Page
Frontline Systems
LINDO Systems
Palisade Corporation
Stata Corporation

Technology Resources - Prentice Hall Manuals

A Minitab Guide to Statistics, (by Meyer and Krueger) (ISBN 0-13-784232-5)
This well known, Minitab author team has written a Minitab manual that can be used with any introductory or business statistics text. It assumes no prior knowledge of Minitab and provides statistics students with step-by step instruction to using Minitab for data analysis.

SPSS 7.5 Guide to Data Analysis, (by Norusis) (ISBN 0-13-656877-7)
(also available for version 6.1)
Introduces the concepts of data analysis from collecting and coding data to interpreting the results of statistical analyses. The emphasis is on understanding fundamental concepts such as data distributions and different kinds of relationships. Simulations and analyses of real data are used to illustrate statistical concepts and models. Chapter summaries and exercises reinforce learning.

Statistics with MicrosoftTM  Excel, (By Dretzke and Heilman) (ISBN 0-13-956533-7)
Written for students enrolled in an introductory statistics courses, across a variety of disciplines, this manual is a solid supplement for Excel users. With clear and concise instruction on how to use Excel for data analysis this manual prepares the student for applied situations that could arise in the workplace. The authors are experienced with Excel and have been using it in the classroom for more than two years.

Introductory Statistics Using SYSTAT, (by Berk) (ISBN 0-13-907155-5)
With clear writing and numerous illustrations, this text leads beginners step-by-step through SYSTAT menus and dialog boxes. It's overarching goal is to teach readers how to analyze data with appropriate SYSTAT statistical techniques and graphical tools and how to interpret the results.

Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language, 4/e< (by Cody and Smith) (ISBN 0-13-743642-4)
This text is intended to provide the applied researcher with the capacity to perform statistical analyses with SAS software without wading through pages of technical documentation.

Desktop Data Analysis with SYSTAT, (by Wilkinson, Blank, and Gruber) (ISBN 0-13-569310-1)
Useful to everyone - from students with no more than a single statistics course, to experienced researchers who need to know how to solve substantive problems using SYSTAT. It offers a thorough introduction to using good statistical tools, both exploratory and confirmatory, to solve real statistical problems.

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