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Fill In The Blanks

1 .       In Egyptian culture the _________ is that part of the human being that defines personality and that remains on earth after death. [Hint]

2 .       The ________ came to symbolize the golden age of Greece in 450 BCE. [Hint]

3 .       A sculptural process that was highly refined in Asia during 500-250 BCE was _______. [Hint]

4 .       The ________ greatly admired Greek works of art and copied them in greater numbers. [Hint]

5 .       A ________ is an early Buddhist reliquary shrine. [Hint]

6 .       In Sumerian culture, communication with the gods occurred in a place called a ________--a stepped temple which rose high in the middle of the city. [Hint]

7 .       Early Paleolithic figurative sculptures such as the Venus of Willendorf, are believed to have been _________. [Hint]

8 .       We know as much as we do about the naturalistic period of Egyptian art due to the discovery of _________. [Hint]

9 .       The Mycenaean culture was eventually overtaken by Dorians who brought with them a new material called _________. [Hint]

10 .       The famous Laocoön Group signifies the introduction of ________ to Greek naturalism. [Hint]

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