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The Foundations of the Earth

Randall Kenan

Born and raised in North Carolina, Kenan is known for his provocative representation of the African-American experience. Widely published in both trade magazines and professional journals, Kenan’s award-winning craft exhibits his willingness to tackle potentially controversial topics, such as homosexuality in "The Foundations of the Earth," with energy and insightfulness.

Author Links

Randall Kenan: Author and Columnist
This site offers a more extensive biography and a look at the research behind Kenan’s Walking on Water.

Journey to the Center of a Race: The Salon Interview
In this interview, Kenan discusses the seven years he spent working on Walking on Water.

The Richmond Review, Book Review, A Visitation of Spirits by Randall Kenan
This site reviews Kenan’s first novel, A Visitation of Spirits, which, like "The Foundations of the Earth," deals with the theme of homosexuality against a backdrop of religious conservatism.

1997 writer-in-residence Kenan enjoys Oxford as home
In this article, Kenan supplies his thoughts on what it means to teach and to write.

Lifting every voice
This Boston Globe review examines Walking on Water and its central question of what it means to be black in America.

"The Foundations of the Earth"


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