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The Loons

Margaret Laurence

Margaret Laurence

Canadian short story writer and novelist Margaret Laurence was born in Neepawa, Manitoba, on July 18, 1926. She attended school in Winnipeg, the provincial capital. She spent her twenties in Somalia and Ghana, and one of her earliest writing efforts was to make translations from the Somali language. Eventually she lived in both England and Canada. After publication of her first novel, This Side Jordan (1960), and her first collection of stories, The Tomorrow-Tamer (1964), she wrote prolifically, her most acclaimed work being her novels and stories dramatizing the lives of women in Manawaka, her fictionalized name for Neepawa. The best known of the Manawaka novels is The Diviners (1974) which was turned into a movie for TV in 1993. Laurence also wrote travel books, collections of essays, and children’s stories; her autobiographical memoir, Dance on the Earth, was published in 1989, two years after her death. “The Loons” is taken from A Bird in the House (1970), her collection of eight Manawaka stories.

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Margaret Laurence
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