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Deer Among Cattle

James Dickey

James Dickey was a native of Georgia. He served in World War II, and afterwards spent a number of years writing advertising copy. After 1969 he became a full-time writer and teacher. During the 1980s he published three volumes of poetry. Usually his poems are narratives which touch on violence and tragedy. "The Performance," for example, demonstrates, on the one hand, the violence that characterizes Dickey’s well-received novel Deliverance (1970), and on the other, the courageousness of a man insisting on his individuality and rights even against the greatest odds. One of his late novels was To the White Sea, published in 1993.

Author Links

The James Dickey Page
This site is "dedicated to the life and works of the great American author, James Dickey." It provides links to his writings, information about his life, photographs, and memorabilia.

James Dickey Society
This site is "devoted to publication of the James Dickey Newsletter, and to discussion, dissemination, and interpretative scholarship and research concerning the works of James Dickey. Although scholarly, this site features several links to further, useful information regarding Dickey and his work.

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