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Section 11.7 Asyllogistic Inference

1 .       Exceptive propositions may be treated as the conjunction of two general propositions. [Hint]


2 .       "All Americans are either Democrats or Republicans" can be symbolized as (x) (Ax Dx) (x) (Ax Rx). [Hint]


3 .       "All adults, except pregnant women, may drink wine at dinner" may be translated as (x) (Dx ~Px) where D = drink wine at dinner and P = pregnant women. [Hint]


4 .       "(x)(Ax Bx) conjunction.gif (x) (Cx Bx)" can also be written as "(x) (Ax Cx) Bx". [Hint]


5 .       Asyllogistic arguments can be reduced to standard-form categorical syllogisms using quantification. [Hint]


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