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Test Yourself
Chapter Practice Exam

1 .       __________ governors have become presidents. [Hint]

2 .       Which of the following is not expected of a governor by citizens of a state? [Hint]

3 .       Which of the following is not a problem of governors? [Hint]

4 .       Why are governors not reelected? [Hint]

5 .       Characterize the power of the state governors during and immediately after the American Revolution (late 1770s and early 1780s). [Hint]

6 .       Which of the following states has a governor that has weak formal powers? [Hint]

7 .       Which power of the governor is restricted by low salaries and high turnover in state government? [Hint]

8 .       What is the largest expenditure in state government? [Hint]

9 .       The _______ veto sends a bill back to the legislature where the bill is either accepted with the governor's changes or passed in original form over the veto. [Hint]

10 .       Which of the following statements is correct regarding the state's National Guard? [Hint]

11 .       Who owns the majority of land in the states of Nevada, Alaska, Utah and Oregon? [Hint]

12 .       Which governor characterized the media members as "a few honorable exceptions, but for the most part, they're corrupt, shameless, and irresponsible as hell?" [Hint]

13 .       Who would the governor rely on to initiate policy, settle disputes among different agencies, and propose budget priorities? [Hint]

14 .       Which of the following is not a principle of reorganization for state government? [Hint]

15 .       Recent efforts at reorganization of state government indicate that the best governed states are those in which the administrative structure has been closely integrated under _____________. [Hint]

16 .       When is a governor best able to begin new programs and improve the performance of existing state operations? [Hint]

17 .       Under what circumstances is the lieutenant governor likely to be given significant responsibilities by the governor? [Hint]

18 .       Which of the following is not the responsibility of the attorney general in all states? [Hint]

19 .       The ________ publishes the laws, supervises elections, and issues certificates of incorporation. [Hint]

20 .       A _______ is a document certified by the auditor that recognizes an expenditure is authorized by law. [Hint]

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