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Biological Anthropology 2/e

Biological Anthropology

Welcome to the online study guide to accompany
Biological Anthropology 2/E
Noel T. Boaz and Alan J. Almquist
Washington State University and California State
University - Hayward

Features of this site include:

  • chapter learning objectives that help students organize key concepts.
  • online quizzes which include instant scoring and coaching.
  • writing activities that foster critical thinking.
  • essay questions that test students' critical thinking skills.
  • dynamic web links that provide a valuable source of supplemental information.
  • key word searches that are easy to use and feature built-in search engines.
  • built-in routing that gives students the ability to forward essay responses and graded quizzes to their instructors.
  • an extensive faculty module that includes PowerPoint TM slides, presentation graphics, and lecture hints and activities.

Visit this site when you want to gain a richer
perspective and a deeper understanding of the
concepts and issues discussed in Biological
Anthropology 2/E.

Special thanks to our web authors:
Elaine Silverstein and Alan J. Almquist
and a special thanks to the Jane Goodall Institute

To enter this site, select a chapter from the menu above and click "Begin."

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