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Weather Patterns and Severe Storms

Developing tornado (Copyright © (1997) Roger Edwards) We have made a concerted effort to search the Web for relevant material, but no matter how hard we try there will always be more information available than we can possibly examine.

However, the following list contains links to many of the most interesting and informative Web sites related to topics explored in the chapter that we were able to locate. Check them out, but make sure you come back to do more investigating when you're done.

Air Masses and Fronts
A discussion of air masses and fronts from the University of Wisconsin.

Air Masses: Online Guide
An excellent tutorial on the air masses that commonly influence weather in the United States from the University of Illinois.

California Regional Weather Server
An excellent site for satellite images, weather radar, jet stream information, regional weather maps, etc.

Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS)
The Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS) mission is to demonstrate the practicability of small-scale numerical weather prediction with an emphasis on deep convection.

Hurricane Beach Damage (Courtesy of Robert Dean)
CRWS Jet Stream Map Menu
Jet stream analyses and forecasts.

Current Weather Data (University of Illinois)
An excellent source for current weather data, including printable maps.
Extreme Weather Source Book (University of Colorado)
The goal of this site is to provide resources regarding the societal impacts of weather in the United States, including economic losses due to tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and lightning. Losses for these hazards are ranked by state.
FAQ: Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tropical Cyclones
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones, and other meteorology-related information.

Fronts: Online Guide
An excellent tutorial on several types of weather fronts from the University of Illinois.

Hurricanes: Online Guide
An excellent tutorial on various aspects of hurricanes from the University of Illinois.

Hurricane Storm Warning Center
An information packed site with several links to hurricane and other storm related pages.

Hurricane/Tropical Data
This page provides access to a wealth of hurricane information including satellite images and charts on the track of the storm plus a text based table of tracking information. The table includes position in latitude and longitude, maximum sustained winds in knots, and central pressure in millibars.

International Hurricane Center
The International Hurricane Center is an interdisciplinary research center focused on the mitigation of hurricane damage to people, the economy, and the built and natural environments.
Middle-Latitude Cyclones: Online Guide
An excellent tutorial on mid-latitude cyclones, including associated air masses, upper air features, and satellite images, from the University of Illinois.
National Hurricane Center
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Hurricane Center (NHC) maintains a continuous watch on tropical cyclones over the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Eastern Pacific from 15 May through November 30. The Center prepares and distributes hurricane watches and warnings for the general public, and also prepares and distributes marine and military advisories for other users.

National Severe Storms Laboratory (NOAA)
The National Severe Storms Laboratory is one of NOAA's internationally known Environmental Research Laboratories, leading the way in investigations of all aspects of severe weather.

Storm Front (Courtesy of Barbara Robinson-Gallay)
Sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald
Weather events related to the sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior on November 10, 1975.

Storm Track Homepage
The Storm Track megasite is a combination of two entities: Storm Track Online, the official Web site of Tim Marshall's 25-year magazine that is scheduled to end in 2001, and Storm Chaser Homepage, the massive chasing resource created by Gilbert Sebenste in 1995.
Thunderstorms (University of Wisconsin)
A good, general discussion of thunderstorms from the University of Wisconsin.
Thunderstorms (USA Today)
A good place to start when researching thunderstorms, this site contains a lot of general information and links.

Tornado: Oakfield, Wisconsin Exercise
The purpose of this University of Wisconsin site is to analyze a severe weather event using many general scientific applications used by meteorologists. It can also be viewed as a hands-on exercise to forecasting the weather, as it focuses on the events and data that spawned a devastating tornado that struck Oakfield, Wisconsin on July 18th, 1996. Analyzing satellite images, Doppler radar, and contoured surface/upper-air data will give a thorough understanding of what conditions led to the severe thunderstorms that roared across the upper-Midwest (clicking on any weather-related terms will provide a meteorological dictionary).

Tornado Project Online!
A good source for tornado information and links to other related sites.

Approaching Front with Rollcloud (Heather McCullough)
Tornado Tracker
A good site, packed with a lot of information and images.

Tornadoes: Online Guide
An excellent tutorial on tornadoes from the University of Illinois.

Tornadoes (Scientific American)
A good source for general information with several links to tornado-related photographs.

Tornadoes (USA Today)
Just about everything you want to know about tornadoes. This site features answers from National Weather Service meteorologists to reader's questions.

Upper Air Data
Current upper air data from Unisys Corporation.

Unisys Weather
A good source for satellite images and forecasts using several different models.
Weather Data and Imagery, Current (American Meteorological Society)
An excellent source for current surface, satellite, upper air, and forecast information from the American Meteorological Society (AMS).
Weather Maps
An online guide to reading weather maps presented by the University of Illinois.

Weather Maps, Current Surface Data
Current surface weather data maps from Unisys Corporation.

Weather Topic Index (USA Today)
Information on just about every weather topic you can imagine from USA Today.

Weather Underground
An excellent, comprehensive source of weather information.

Photo/Figure Credits (In Order of Appearance)

  • Hurricane Elena, Gulf of Mexico, 1985 (NASA) (Courtesy of NASA)

  • Aerial View of a Developing Thunderstorm (NASA) (Courtesy of NASA)

  • Cold Front Profile (Copyright © Prentice Hall, Inc.)

  • Surface Weather Map (Copyright © Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc.)

  • Tornado (Courtesy of the National Center for Atmospheric Research)

  • Air Mass Diagram (Copyright © Prentice Hall, Inc.)

  • Weather Front Diagram (Copyright © Prentice Hall, Inc.)

  • Middle-latitude Cyclone Diagram (Copyright © Prentice Hall, Inc.)

  • Developing Tornado (Copyright © (1997) by Roger Edwards)

  • Hurricane Beach Damage (Courtesy of Robert Dean)

  • Blizzard (Courtesy of the National Center for Atmospheric Research)

  • Storm Front (Courtesy of Barbara Robinson-Gallay)

  • Tornado (Copyright © (1998) by Roger Edwards)

  • Approaching Front with Rollcloud (Courtesy of Heather McCullough)

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