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Air Pressure and Wind
Multiple Choice

1 .       The only truly continuous pressure belt on Earth is the ____________. 

2 .       Variations in air pressure from place to place are the principal cause of ____________. 

3 .       Fair weather can usually be expected with the approach of a(n) ____________. 

4 .       Centers of low pressure are called ____________. 

5 .       The general movement of low pressure centers across the United States is from ____________. 

6 .       Near the equator, rising air is associated with a pressure zone known as the ____________. 

7 .       Standard sea level pressure is ____________. 

8 .       High-altitude, high-velocity "rivers" of air are referred to as ____________. 

9 .       The deflection of wind due to the Coriolis effect is strongest at ____________. 

10 .       Pressure data on a map are shown using lines that connect places of equal air pressure called ____________. 

11 .       Air is subsiding in the center of a ____________. 

12 .       The surface winds between the subtropical high and equatorial low pressure zones are the ____________. 

13 .       Which one of the following does NOT describe the surface air movement in a Northern Hemisphere low? 

14 .       The westerlies and polar easterlies converge in a stormy region known as the ____________. 

15 .       The surface winds between the subtropical high and subpolar low pressure zones are the ____________. 

Answer choices in this exercise are randomized and will appear in a different order each time the page is loaded.

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