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1 .       Which alkyne is a "terminal alkyne"? [Hint]

2 .       Which name correctly describes the compound H3C-CHCl-CHBr-Ctriple_bond.gifC-CH2-CH2-CH3? [Hint]

3 .       Acetylene is used in torches. Which reaction is occurring in the flame of a torch? [Hint]

4 .       What reagent reacts with calcium carbide to produce acetylene gas? [Hint]

5 .       Alkynes contain two pi.gif-bonds. Which statement best describes how these pi.gif-bonds are formed? [Hint]

6 .       How long is a C-C triple bond? [Hint]

7 .       What base is best used to deprotonate acetylene? [Hint]

8 .       Which one of the following salts yields brick-red precipitates when it reacts with terminal alkynes? [Hint]

9 .       What conditions will convert 1-heptyne into 4-decyne? [Hint]

10 .       Which sequence of reactions is used for the synthesis of (E)-2-pentene from 1-butyne? [Hint]

11 .       When heated with KOH, 2,3-dibromopentane undergoes twofold HBr elimination. What compounds are formed by way of elimination? [Hint]

12 .       The addition of HCl to propyne results in the formation of a vinylic carbocation. Identify that vinylic carbocation. [Hint]

13 .       What is Markovnikov's rule? [Hint]

14 .       In the presence of excess hydrogen bromide, what is the major product of the addition of HBr to 2-pentyne? [Hint]

15 .       What product is formed in the peroxide-catalyzed addition of HBr to 1-butyne? [Hint]

16 .       What alkyne is the best starting material for the synthesis of the 2-butanone, H3C-CO-CH2-CH3, via acid-catalyzed hydration? [Hint]

17 .       What ketone will be formed from the acid-catalyzed hydration of 3-hexyne? [Hint]

18 .       Substituted boranes, such as disiamylborane, frequently are used in place of borane, since they are easier to make and handle. What is the systematic name for disiamylborane? [Hint]

19 .       What final product is formed in the hydroboration-oxidation of propyne? [Hint]

20 .       The hydration of acetylene requires strong acid catalysis. Which catalyst gives the best results? [Hint]

21 .       What is the product of the reduction of 2-pentyne with sodium in liquid ammonia? [Hint]

22 .       What is the hybridization of the anionic carbon in a vinylic anion? [Hint]

23 .       What product is formed in the oxidation of 2-pentyne with a neutral aqueous solution of KMnO4? [Hint]

24 .       Which carboxylic acids are formed by ozonolysis of 2-pentyne? [Hint]

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