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Understanding Unix/Linux Programming

Understanding Unix/Linux Programming Welcome to the Companion Website for Understanding Unix/Linux Programming. This clear, readable text explains how Unix/Linux works and shows how to write programs that make full use of operating system services. The text explains all the major ideas of Unix programming:

  • file I/O
  • file systems
  • device I/O
  • the terminal driver
  • timers
  • signals
  • processes
  • pipes
  • stream and datagram sockets
  • network programming
  • POSIX threads
  • semaphores

In this website you will find for each chapter:

  • Chapter Summary

  • Source Code
    This website contains complete source code and Makefiles for all the programs in the book. You can download, compile, and run the code as you read through the text.

  • Self-Study Tests
    After you finish the chapter, you can take the self-test to see how much you learned.

  • Related Code and Links
    Some chapters include supplemental source code and links to related material.

Enjoy the Book

Unix is a fascinating system, and Unix programming can be a lot of fun. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

Bruce Molay

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