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Multiple Choice

1 .       The bonds that form between the two hydrogen atoms and the oxygen in a molecule of water are called _________. [Hint]

2 .       Weak attractive forces that occur between atoms when they obtain an interatomic distance of 3-4 angstroms are called __________. [Hint]

3 .       Hydrophobic interactions are important in maintaining [Hint]

4 .       The solid form of water (ice) is _____________ than the liquid form. [Hint]

5 .       _________ are macromolecules that, unlike other biological macromolecules, are not composed of repeated monomers. [Hint]

6 .       _____________ is known as the biological solvent. [Hint]

7 .       ______________ is/are the most abundant macromolecules in the cell. [Hint]

8 .       A macromolecule that contains N-acetylmuramic acid and N-acetylglucosamine is ______________. [Hint]

9 .       A molecule that shows properties of hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity is called a ___________ molecule. [Hint]

10 .       Triglycerides are simple lipids that contain [Hint]

11 .       Phospholipids are simple lipids that contain [Hint]

12 .       Consider the following diagram. This would be an example of exampleone.gif [Hint]

13 .       Which of the following atoms would never be found in a complex lipid? [Hint]

14 .       What part of a fatty acid molecule is hydrophobic? [Hint]

15 .       Which of the following would be considered a nucleotide? [Hint]

16 .       Consider the DNA sequence ACCACGA. Which of the following sequences would be considered complementary to this strand? [Hint]

17 .       Which of the following statements is true of RNA? [Hint]

18 .       A peptide bond forms between [Hint]

19 .       Two molecules that have the same chemical formula, but are mirror images of each other are called ____________. [Hint]

20 .       The sequence of the amino acids in a protein is referred to as [Hint]

21 .       The arrangement of two polypeptide molecules to form the final protein molecule is called [Hint]

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