Biology: A Guide to the Natural World

Chapter 8: The Green World's Gift: Photosynthesis

Post-quiz: Photosynthesis

1. The principal raw materials for photosynthesis are ______ and ________. [Hint]

2. The principal by-products of photosynthesis are _____ and _____. [Hint]

3. The splitting of water in photosynthesis is most valuable to us as animals because: [Hint]

4. Water provides the necessary ________________ to allow for the light-dependent reactions to occur. [Hint]

5. Light hits photosystem II which causes electrons to be excited to a high energy level. These electrons are picked up by an electron acceptor and passed through an electron transport chain where _____________ can be made. [Hint]

6. Why will a plant need to perform the Calvin cycle in addition to the light-dependent reactions? [Hint]

7. During the Calvin cycle, the enzyme rubisco is responsible for splitting of the 5-carbon compound, RuBP (which has been combined with carbon dioxide) into 2 molecules of the 3 carbon compound_____. [Hint]

8. The energy to run the Calvin Cycle (ATP and NADPH) was produced: [Hint]

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