Biology: A Guide to the Natural World

Chapter 4: Life's Home: The Cell

Post-quiz: Structure of Cells

1. Pancreatitis is a disorder that causes human pancreas cells to break down all of their own contents and die when a certain type of organelle ruptures. This disorder would involve a problem with which of these organelles? [Hint]

2. Muscle cells require large amounts of energy in order to produce movement. You would expect muscle cells to contain a large number of: [Hint]

3. Cyanide poisoning is lethal because it interrupts the major function of the mitochondria in eukaryotic cells. This would mean that it interferes with: [Hint]

4. Which of these structures would never be found in an animal cell? [Hint]

5. Many antibiotics kill bacteria because they alter the functioning of their ribsomes. Which of the following cellular processes would be directly altered by antibiotics? [Hint]

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