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Welcome to the Companion Website for General Chemistry.

General Chemistry

General Chemistry, Fourth Edition
John W. Hill, University of Wisconsin–River Falls
Ralph H. Petrucci, California State University, San Bernardino
Terry W. McCreary, Murray State University
Scott S. Perry, University of Houston

Companion Website Contributing Authors:
Scott S. Perry, University of Houston (TX)
Mark E. Ott, Jackson Community College (MI)
Stacey Nevins Buchanan, Jackson Community College (MI)

Welcome to the Companion Website for General Chemistry, Fourth Edition. Built to complement the text as part of an integrated course package, this site is a useful supplemental aid to your chemistry course.

By using both the Accelerator CD that was packaged with your textbook and the Companion Website simultaneously, many of the media objects on the site will load much more quickly.

To enter the site, select a chapter from the chapter menu above.

Key Features
  • Self-Quizzes of multiple choice questions with hints and answer-specific feedback.
  • New Research Navigator search tool gives students access to chemical journals, New York Times articles, and chemistry organizations.
  • A Math Tutorial along with libraries of Web Destinations and online Tools give useful web-related resources.
  • New Media Gallery offers many of the same animations and movies featured in the IST (below), with follow-up questions to allow students to check their understanding.
  • The new, premium (password-protected) Interactive Student Tutorial (IST) module features a full electronic version of the text, with imbedded animations, molecules, and movies, to give students a dynamic look at each chapter of the textbook. For a free sample, go to Chapter 3 and click on Interactive Student Tutorial. Passwords to this resource for the full text can be obtained for a nominal fee; have your instructor contact your Prentice Hall Sales Rep for information on purchasing these passwords.

If this is your first time on this site, or if you have switched computers, you will probably want to run the "Browser Tuneup" below. This site includes QuickTime, Flash, Shockwave, and Java elements, so those are the programs to check for.


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