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Concept Questions
Chapter 4

1 .       What "represents a location in space or on a drawing and has no width, height or depth?"  

2 .       The sum of the interior angles in a triangle is always: 

3 .       A quadrilateral is a plane figure bounded by _____________ sides. 

4 .       The circumference of a circle can be found by the following formula: 

5 .       A type of geometric solid is a prism. A prism looks like a: 

6 .       Which of the following is not a quadrilateral? 

7 .       A torus is shaped like a: 

8 .       Bisect means to: 

9 .       What triangle has all angles and all sides equal? 

10 .       To recify an arc is to lay out its true length along a straight line. 

11 .       The long axis of an ellipse is the minor axis and the short axis is the major axis.  

12 .       A parabola is generated by a point moving so that its distances from a fixed point, the focus, and from a fixed line, the directrix, remain equal.  

13 .       A hyperbola is a mirror image of a parabola. 

14 .       A cylindrical helix is generally known as a helix. 

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