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After studying the material of this chapter, the student should be able to:
1. State from memory the magnitude and sign of the charge on an electron and proton and also state the mass of each particle.
2. Apply Coulomb's law to determine the magnitude of the electrical force between point charges separated by a distance r and state whether the force will be one of attraction or repulsion.
3. State from memory the law of conservation of charge.
4. Distinguish between an insulator, a conductor, and a semi conductor and give examples of each.
5. Explain the concept of electric field and determine the resultant electric field at a point some distance from two or more point charges.
6. Determine the magnitude and direction of the electric force on a charged particle placed in an electric field.
7. Sketch the electric field pattern in the region between charged objects.
8. Use Gauss's law to determine the magnitude of the electric field in problems where static electric charge is distributed on a surface which is simple and symmetrical.

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