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MATLAB is an interactive program for scientific and engineering calculations. The MATLAB family of programs includes the base program plus a variety of toolboxes, a collection of special files called m-files that extend the functionality of the base program [1-8]. Together the base program plus the Control System Toolbox provide the capability to use MATLAB for control system design and analysis. Whenever MATLAB is reverenced in this book, it means the base program plus the Control System Toolbox.

MathScript, a new environment within LabVIEW* 8.0 and higher, is a high-level, text-based, programming language with an easily accessible syntax and ample functionality to address programming tasks related to signal processing, analysis, and mathematics.

*LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) is a flexible graphical development environment from National Instruments, Inc. Engineers and scientists in research, development, production, test, and service industries as diverse as automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, electronics, chemical, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical use LabVIEW, especially in the area of testing and measurements, industrial automation, and data analysis. Users of LabVIEW are familiar with the use of the graphical programming language to create programs relying on graphic symbols to describe programming actions.

Additional Reference Content:

Appendix C: Symbols, Units, and Conversion Factors

Appendix D: Laplace Tables

Appendix E: An Introduction to matrix Algebra

Appendix F: Decibel Conversion

Appendix G: Complex Numbers

Appendix H: z-Transform Pairs

Appendix I: Discrete-Time Evaluation of the Time Response

Design Examples and Design Problems (DP)

Design Process

Selected Tables and Formulas for Design

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