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Fill in the Blank

1 .       __________ is the short-term, day-to-day condition of the atmosphere. 

2 .       _____________ is the long-term average of weather conditions in a region. 

3 .       The process of __________ occurs when air is forcibly pushed up a mountain slope. 

4 .       A __________ is produced when a cold front overtakes a cyclonic warm front, wedging beneath it. 

5 .       A __________ is formed when a mesocyclone strikes the Earth on a continent. 

6 .       A __________ is commonly associated with the formation of cumulonimbus clouds. 

7 .       __________ fronts travel faster than __________ fronts. 

8 .       Cyclonic storms and air masses move across the United States along __________, which shift in latitude with the seasons. 

9 .       __________ air masses form only in the Northern Hemisphere, are associated with stable conditions, and dominate cold weather conditions in winter. 

10 .       In North America, most thunderstorms occur in areas dominated by __________ air masses. 

Answer choices in this exercise are randomized and will appear in a different order each time the page is loaded.

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