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Water and Atmospheric Moisture
Fill in the Blank

1 .       A lapse rate is a change of ___________ with height. 

2 .       Suppose an air mass warms as it moves over a land surface, but no water vapor is added or lost. The relative humidity will ___________ while the specific humidty will ____________. 

3 .       The Peru Current is a cold ocean current off the west coast of South America. If a warm, moist air mass passed over this current, ____________ might result. 

4 .       ____________ is most likely when the environmental lapse rate is large (for example, 12 degrees C/km). 

5 .       Descending air always warms at the _____________. 

6 .       The ____________ is the ratio of the actual amount of water vapor in the atmosphere to the maximum amount of water possible at that temperature. 

7 .       Air that returns to its original position after an initial vertical displacement is called __________. 

8 .       A(n) _________ is an aggregation of tiny moisture droplets and ice crystals suspended in the air. 

9 .       Clouds are usually classified on the basis of __________ and __________. 

10 .       Clouds that are flat and layered are in the general group called __________. 

11 .       The __________ process is the predominant cloud-forming process in the tropics, where clouds form above freezing temperatures. 

12 .       The foggiest region of the United States is the ___________. 

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