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Acid-Base Equilibria
Web Resources

This section provides carefully selected links to hot sites on chemical research and resources for the curious chemistry student which are relevant to this chapter. You will visit cutting-edge research centers and innovative chemical-education sites. Surf awhile!

Some sites make use of software tools, plug-ins, and helper applications beyond the browser. Links to websites that supply free downloads of required software are listed in the Tools section of this site. You can check your browser's capabilities by using the Browser Tune-Up facility in the Companion Website Help page.

In addition, some useful chemistry links of general interest to the course are also in the Tools section.

  • Acids and Bases  Java interactive tutorial on acid base titration.
  • Acid Rain  NOAA site describing the measurement and challenges of acid rain.
  • Preservation of Books  The Library of Congress describes how to preserve books and papers from acid degradation.

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