Algebra & Trigonometry

Chapter 7: Additional Topics in Trigonometry

Section Quiz 7.2

1. Find the area of triangle ABC, if b=14 cm, a=9 cm, and 7m7_2q1.gif. [Hint]

2. A ship travels 50 km due west then turns 7m7_2q2.gif toward the north and travels another 75 km. What is the distance of the ship from its starting point? [Hint]

3. In triangle ABC find a, if 7m7_2q3.gif. [Hint]

4. Solve the triangle, if a=34 m, b=32 m, and c= 18 m. [Hint]

5. A plane leaves airport A and travels 560 miles at a bearing of 7m7_2q5.gif. The plane later leaves airport B and travels to airport C 320 miles away at a bearing of 7m7_2q5_1.gif. Find the distance from airport A to airport C to the nearest tenth of a mile. [Hint]

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