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Annotated Internet Resources

The Accelerated Schools Project
The home page for the Accelerated Schools Project provides detailed information about the project and how to become a school, as well as information on the Powerful Learning Project.

Coalition of Essential Schools
The home page for the Coalition of Essential Schools provides information on its philosophy, projects, publications, schools, centers that work with Essential Schools, and more.

Cooperative Learning
The U.S. Office of Education Research Consumer Guide provides information on cooperative learning.

The Cooperative Learning Center at Minnesota
The Cooperative Learning Center is a research and training center focusing on how students should interact with each other as they learn and the skills needed to interact effectively.

Foundation for Critical Thinking
The home page of the Critical Thinking Community provides information about critical thinking theory and practice as well as a number of techniques for critical thinking.

International Society for Technology in Education
The home page for the International Society for Technology in Education provides technology curriculum standards for teachers and students, curriculum resources, projects, articles, and links to technology-related sites.

International Technology Education Association
The home page for the International Technology Education Association, a professional organization of technology teachers, has numerous technology resource links.

Six Promising Schoolwide Reform Programs
This site provides an excellent overview of direct instruction and provides a list of schools where direct instruction is used.

Social Promotion vs. Mastery Learning
A discussion of which should prevail.

Success for All
A consumer guide produced by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Research, discusses the principles, goals, and elements of Success for All with examples of successful programs.

Taxonomy of Learning and Benjamin Bloom
A brief description of the six levels of learning and a short biography of Benjamin Bloom are included at this site.

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