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to effect magic.
a wandering, disembodied soul that enters another person's body and holds fast.
Evil eye
a superstition where it is believed that someone can project harm by gazing or staring at someone.
the ceremonious expulsion of an evil spirit from a person.
strong beliefs in a religious or other spiritual philosophy.
holistic or three-dimensional phenomenon that results in the restoration of HEALTH; balance, or harmony, to the body, mind, and spirit, or between the person, the environment, and the metaphysical.
a supernatural, unexplained event.
an aspect of spiritual healing and beliefs.
Occult folk medicine
the use of charms, holy words, and holy actions to prevent and cure illness.
Soul loss
the belief that a person's soul can leave the body, wander around, and then return.
a magical word or formula, or a condition of evil or bad luck.
Spirit possession
the belief that a spirit can enter people, possess them, and control what they say and do.

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