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Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness

6th Edition

Rachel E. Spector

Welcome to the online study guide, designed to accompany Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness, 6e by Rachel E. Spector. To further enrich learning and teaching, this interactive study guide features:

Chapter Objectives
Chapter Outlines
Provocative exercises, activities, and readings to facilitate climbing the steps to Cultural Competency in the form of

  • Essay questions
  • Multiple Choice question modules
  • Matching questions, and
  • Fill in the blanks questions,
  • Links, and a
  • Glossary of terms
  • link to the NY Times and USA Today's Census 2000.

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Prentice Hall Health would like to wish all students great success in this course and in their nursing careers.

Table of Contents

1. Cultural Heritage and History
2. Diversity
3. Health and Illness

4. Health Traditions
5. Healing Traditions
6. Familial Traditions
7. Health-Care Delivery

8. Health and Illness in the American Indian, Aleut, and Eskimo Communities
9. Health and Illness in the Asian/Pacific Islander Community
10. Health and Illness in Black American Communities
11. Health and Illness in Hispanic American Communities
12. Health and Illness in White European Communities

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