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Teacher-Tested Classroom Management Strategies


TEACHER'S CONCERN: How can teachers successfully challenge their students but still remain within the limits of their frustration range?


  1. Provide many different opportunities for students to cope with gradual doses of mild frustration and increased difficulty.

  2. Plan activities that ensure more success than failure for students (e.g., independent projects of their own choosing).

  3. Respond to the student's frustration by reducing or changing performance demands (e.g., reinforce partially correct responses, shorten assignments, etc.).

  4. Organize complex tasks into separate parts, and then present the material in a logical sequential order for completion.

  5. Make every effort to give positive feedback to students who have successfully completed their assignments.

  6. Personalize academic instruction for those students who need additional help in alleviating some of their frustrations.

  7. Try to anticipate when the student will become frustrated, and then change the activity accordingly.

  8. Allow the student to work at his/her own pace.

  9. Help the student to develop a positive self-image.

  10. Refer the student to the appropriate school personnel if the problem persists.

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